Separation Anxiety?

Hi Parents:

The feelings of anxiety and (sometimes) sadness around such big events as the start of school are completely normal for children of this age.  Some children experience feelings of dread at the prospect of a “big” or “unfamiliar” event well into Grade One and beyond (I’ve been feeling a bit of it myself with the beginning of the school year upcoming!).

For more info on how to handle these feelings in advance of the start of the school year, you may want to read this great post by a great Early Childhood Educator, Amanda Morgan: Click here

The important message to take from this article is that it is completely normal, but it is best dealt with then we have a plan in place to help your child work through this challenging time.

Please speak with us about any concerns you have regarding your daughter’s transition to JK. We can be reached either by email (danielle_neer (at) or in person at the orientation event.

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One Response to Separation Anxiety?

  1. great article, Danielle! I shared it with my class parents as well – thank you!

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