October 31 – November 4

Show and Tell: Please bring in one small item from nature for each school day this week. It could be a leaf, a flower, a twig. These items will not be returned to you, but will be added to our ever-growing “Natural Materials” corner of our classroom. Not sure what this is? Ask your daughter about it. It is based on a workshop Shannon and I attended on October 21st on the benefits of “Natural Play” with Bridgette Alomes.

Monday: Hallowe’en. The girls are allowed to wear a costume to school provided it does not interfere with the regular day. They need to be able to put a coat on for outside play time (wings interfere with this) and they need to be able to use the washroom. Please send your daughter’s uniform to school in a bag as we will change out of our costumes for the afternoon. We don’t need any treats, but a fruit plate for snack time would be welcome – thanks to Sophia (Ava) for offering to bring this.

Tuesday: No school for the students. Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for Little School and Junior School families. We will be discussing the all-important topics of social-emotional development and work habits. Here is a great article on the topic: click here. Please come ready to discuss your concerns, questions, comments and observations from two (yes, two!) full months of JK.

Wednesday: Afternoon in the Garden. Please ensure your daughter has warm and dry clothes as we will spend about an hour in the garden, rain or shine.

Thursday: Please be sure to check the board and sign up as a parent storyteller/reader.

Friday: Eve (Claire) has signed up to be in our class for art on this day. You can too! See the volunteer sign up sheet on the board above the sign in table. Please see Danielle if you have any questions about it.

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